By K.E

                     THE ADVENTURES OF HUGO BLACK  


One day a Collie named Hugo black lived on a farm. Hugo was the ruler of the barn yard. He was always kind to all the other animals. Every day he made his inspections of all the animal groups, and he also checked the tractor, family, and the machinery. One day he came upon some excitement in the barn yard, the excitement was that a young chicken had laid an egg. Or at least she thought she had but mama chicken kept squawking that it was not an egg. Another chicken ran to get Hugo so he could solve the divergence. After hearing the argument he finally barked, “STOP.” He said, “Of course this is an egg, it is just smaller than all the others.” Mama Chicken said, “But looks at it closer it is much too small and round to be an egg!” Hugo decided to bite the so-called “EGG”. It just cracked open and nothing came out. She clucked with terror, “What did you do to my egg? Hugo consoled the young chicken and left.

After he left he saw his owners running to the barn. He followed, and there she was the baby calf. Hugo laid down to watch mama cow clean up her calf. Hugo sighed, “Another animal to take care of.” Suddenly he fell asleep.

He was woken up by some noise by the pond the next day, so as any dog would most likely do he trampled over anything between him and the pond. “What’s going on?” he asked as he reached the pond. Mother goose said, “The goslings have hatched!!” “Whose were they?” asked Hugo. “Rachel’s of course, her first goslings ever!” she said. Hugo asked, “How many were there? “Seven,” She replied. Suddenly mama chicken rushed over, “Hugo you better go and chase off that mean old fox, he got one of the chicks!” so he went; when he got there he was there just in time to catch the fox. “Hand over the chick Kyle.” Hugo said to the fox baring his teeth “Nah…”The fox said throwing a rock at his head.

A moment later he felt something nudging him and he said dizzily, “What happened?” A white French poodle said, “Bijou sir, a fox hit you on your head, oh and my name is Mimi Michelle Fronshwa, what is your name?” “My name is Hugo Black, which way did the fox go?” “He went behind that big red building.”She replied. “Can you help me get that chick?” “Yes, but can I rest I swam from a boat leaving from France.” “Once we find the fox you just need to flutter your eyes at him while I sneak in the back way.” “1, 2, 3, Go! “Said Hugo. “Hey you want a kiss??” Mimi said while Hugo was getting ready to jump on him. Hugo hit the fox hard enough that he dropped the chick; Mimi picked up the chick and ran out the front while Hugo chased the fox out the back to the woods. “Thanks Mimi!” when he found her. “You can sleep in my bed tonight.” Hugo went back outdoors and positioned himself between the wood and the chicken coop and fell asleep.

                When he woke up (or at least he thought he had) he saw seven foxes jumping at him trying to bite him…then he woke up. He realized it was a dream, and as long as he was awake, he went to go check on the chickens, and he found all was peaceful. He returned to his guard spot and fell back asleep.

Something hit his head, what could it be? He looked up there was a squirrel sitting on a branch. The squirrel ran down the tree to talk to Hugo. When Hugo tried to speak the squirrel would always tell him to be quiet. “Hi, my name is Nutty!!”He babbled. “Hi, my name is Hugo.” As Nutty ran down the tree to sit in front of him. “I woke you up by hitting you on the head to tell you some foxes were sneaking in the back of the barn.” So without hesitation Hugo rushed to the barn. He growled at the foxes then took off after them, who high tailed out to the woods. “Good job Hugo!” Nutty said. “Now, can you get that bird to get away from my home?” he asked Hugo. “Why can’t you?” He asked back. “Are you scared?” Hugo asked in a joking voice. “OK yes I am scared, can you just go scare him off already?”Nutty asked. “Just jump at him.” He told him. So that’s what he did. “Thanks for the help Hugo!” Nutty said. “Hugo?” as Hugo ran off to find Mimi. “Well since it was morning.” Hugo thought “Why don’t I go check on Mimi?” So off he went. But she was not there! Besides his hunger Hugo felt intoxicated By a thing he ate just sitting on the ground. 

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